Agrometeorological Information System

The scientific information enables producers to make successful decisions about their harvests.

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The Proyecto Adapta arose to provide the tools and scientific information necessary for a profitable and sustainable future for cocoa and honey. Combined with their existing knowledge, the scientific information enables the producers to make successful decisions about their harvests. This translates into the Agrometerology Information System or SIA, the star product of the Adapta Project.


SIA is a system that provides access to information, knowledge and adaptive solution for small Nicaraguan cocoa and honey farmers.

1 – Gathering climatic and phenological information:

Climatic and phenological information is registered at the phenological posts and stations, following techniques established in manuals, following specific timetables and procedures.

2 – An app to transmit climatic data:

Information is input via an app for mobile smartphones and tablets, which enables the collection and verification of information from all the meterological stations. It also enables the transmission of this information about alerts, climate data and any information about other variables to the producers, assisting them to find adaptive solutions to the possible climatic effects.

3 – Quality control regarding climate station identity:

Data input into the SIA from the stations is subject to a process of quality control, especially the authorised data input into the App.


It carries out seasonal analysis of the climatic data registering rises and falls in temperature and other climatic variables relevant to the production of cocoa and honey.

It carries out decadal analysis of the internal consistency of recurrent variables: temperature, relative humidity and dew point. In this way, it monitors the quality of the rain (precipitation) and the phenological phases of cocoa and honeybee species.

The System keeps a record and analysis of good practice by the producers in the management of cocoa and of apiaries, to evaluate changes towards climatic resilience.


  • · Daily weather forecasts.
  • · Delivery of fortnightly bulletins and the climatic outlook, evaluating the state of the cocoa plantations and beehives, also of the working practices of the producers in this period.
  • · Information plotted according to the information received by station, department, project intervention zone or whatever territory is required by the user, undertaking a comparison of the values with the normal historical values.


When the climatic and phenological thresholds may not be within the parameters required to produce cocoa and honey.

When it identifies the emergence of pests and diseases, or equally damage to the plantations or beehives due to meteorological events that could harm the crops or apiculture (beekeeping) activity.


1000 honey and cocoa producers have benefitted from useful, tailor made and reliable information via their mobiles.

An information register for 3 Nicaraguan departments: Las Segovias, Jinotega and Matagalpa.

SIA is a great tool: Agrometeorological Information System as a solution to a big problem

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