The objective

Find out how we  make Nicaraguan agriculture profitable and sustainable.

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Nicaragua is the fourth country in the world most affected by climate change. 80% of the population depends on agriculture, but the producers are losing their yields. Changes in weather patterns, an increase in insect infestations and animal infections, droughts and torrential rainfall are, amongst others, the consequences of climate change. Yields and production and, as a result, the quality of life of producers, are all at risk.


To offer quality scientific and phenological information and direct training so that producers can take their own decisions based on verified forecasts to meet their needs. Over four years, due to the producers’ participation, we are going to collect the necessary data in order to understand how the climate is changing, measure how it affects the production of cocoa and honey in three chosen zones of Nicaragua, and advise the producers to adjust their practices accordingly. We will be able to anticipate changes in order to reduce the risks of the impacts of climate change and not only secure, but also increase the production of cocoa and honey in Nicaragua.

It is a project which is revolutionizing agriculture and apiculture in the whole country, and further afield.