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Excellence in cocoa quality


Climate change puts both the quantity and quality of cocoa produced at risk. The quality of a cocoa bean depends 50% on its genetics and 50% on its care. The Proyecto Adapta aims to combat the effects of climate change with innovation, science and experience. Through our training sessions on the care of crops, our meteorological research and the generation of quality information, we can ensure that the care we give to our crops is what is needed for the climate and our context.


But, in addition, the Proyecto Adapta is designed for the future and therefore we want to provide our producers with the knowledge and information they need not only to continue producing greater quantities to cope with climate change but also to produce cocoa of unparalleled quality.


To this end, the Proyecto Adapta has launched a Cocoa Germplasm Bank where we want to produce 3 million plants of the chuno, nicalizo and rugoso varieties. Not only are these three varieties resistant to climate change, but they also produce cocoa of the highest quality.



We are studying the genetic make-up of our seeds and what we can do to improve them. We create plant material, implant it into plants and thus improve their DNA.


With the Proyecto Adapta we are developing the cocoa genetics of the future.


So far we have 5,430 plants with which we have produced some 52,300 cuttings, which means 60,000 implanted plants.


A lot of very good quality cocoa for all of Nicaragua.