The effect of climate change on cocoa

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The effect of climate change on cocoa



Now we know more about the effect of climate change on cocoa


In the Proyecto Adapta we are convinced that adaptation to climate change is possible, profitable and the future. Our project, which is already working with more than 1,000 Nicaraguan producers, is using innovation, science and experience to ensure that Nicaraguan cocoa not only adapts to climate change but is also one of the highest quality cocoas on the market.


The Proyecto Adapta relies on the collaboration of dozens of producers who monitor the climate daily (rainfall, humidity, temperature etc.) through the meteorological stations that we have installed on their land. In addition, these producers also monitor changes in their crops. The data they collect is sent through the Agrometeorological Information System (SIA) which they access through their mobile phones.


With this information we provide them with climate bulletins and recommendations adapted to their crops. For the Proyecto Adapta it is essential that the information and recommendations we issue are as scientific and accurate as possible so that producers can make the best decisions about their crops and beehives each day. To this end, we have created a demonstration plot to study how climate change is affecting our crops day-to-day.


Thanks to this plot, not only have we managed to reduce losses of cocoa plants but we have actually started to increase the number of harvests.


But we want more. That’s why we’ve created the germplasm bank where we’re improving the genetic material of cocoa to produce the highest quality cocoa possible.


Together we generate knowledge and prospects for the future.