Urania Vázquez: sweeten her child’s future

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“I have a 12-year-old boy, he is studying in Dario, producing honey means that my son can go to class.”


Urania Vázquez Pérez is a beekeeper in the Carbonal community. She is part of the Proyecto Adapta as one of the observing producers who help monitor the climate and its effects on the apiaries. For Urania, honey production is essential to support her family but Climate Change is putting her at risk. The disappearance of weather patterns makes it difficult for beekeepers to care for their apiaries.



Urania, as part of the Proyecto Adapta, has a weather station installed in her apiaries. She has learned to take data on temperature, soil humidity, rainfall… this data, together with data collected by other observer producers, allows the Proyecto Adapta to issue periodic bulletins with recommendations adapted to honey production. In addition, the Proyecto Adapta provides ongoing training on how to improve their harvests.


“We have well-tailored information,” says Urania, and with this information she manages to improve her production, which means “a benefit for the whole family.”



Urania Vázquez: endulzar el futuro