Juan Flores: the perfect selection

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Juan Flores: la selección perfecta


In 2009, Juan Flores became a cocoa producer. A producer concerned about the quality and variety of his crops:


“You have to know the variety of each fruit very well, you have to select perfectly”


From his farm “La Divina Providencia” in Bocay, Juan selects the best fruits of each variety every year. That’s why he knows perfectly well that climate change can put his crops at risk. Pampering them with all the attention they need, each variety needs their care and Juan will only be able to give it to them if he understands how this ever-changing climate is going to behave.


That’s why Juan is part of the Proyecto Adapta as one of the Observer Producers who has a weather station on his farm. From his station he monitors the climate, measures the temperature, humidity and rainfall. He also observes how each of his plants grows, when they bloom, when the fruit comes out and the size. In this way, Juan is not only increasing his production in quantity but also maintaining or even improving its quality.


Because to make the perfect selection Juan needs the perfect information. The Proyecto Adapta provides you with news bulletins on weather forecasts with specific recommendations for your crops.


Together we generate knowledge and prospects for the future.


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