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In the community of Santa María de Pantasma, in the municipality of Jinotega lives Harvin Rivera, one of the 20 Observer Producers of the Proyecto Adapta.


“I have learned that cocoa is a good way to survive and it has motivated me a lot to cultivate and grow, sowing more cocoa”.


In the past, Harvin and many of his neighbors didn’t dare grow cocoa. The lack of experience and the instability of the climate change prevented them from starting. But since Harvin has been part of the Proyecto Adapta, he feels better prepared. Today, cocoa is an essential crop for the maintenance of his family.


Thanks to Harvin’s observations from the weather station that the Proyecto Adapta has provided him, he has acquired much more knowledge and is better prepared to make the right decisions about his crops.


“Today cocoa production is considerably higher. So far we have managed to harvest 2,000 kilos, and more than we need”.


Harvin is capable not only of overcoming the impacts of climate change but also of increasing its production while maintaining the best quality of the fine cocoa he produces.
Harvin is sure that cocoa will be the predominant crop in the area. As an observer producer, he also closely monitors the growth of his cocoa crops in order to study the impact of climate change on them, so that he can adapt and avoid the risks involved.

Harvin Rivera, el conocimiento es valor

Nicaragua is the fourth country most affected by climate change, and producers are suffering the most. With the Proyecto Adapta we generate knowledge and vision for the future. During the 4-year duration of the Proyecto Adapta, we will revolutionise the agriculture and beekeeping sector.


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