Gaspar Mairena: Together, it can be done

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Gaspar Mairena Montenegro grew basic grain in the Wasaka Abajo Community in the Department of Matagalpa. After learning about the Adapta Project and enjoying the benefits it brought, Gaspar began to convert his crops to cocoa. Today he is one of the Nicaraguan producers who is benefiting from the project and growing fine cocoa.


“My experience has been to be able to learn things about the cocoa crop that I didn’t know before as well as information about climate change.”


The information that the Proyecto Adapta provides about climate helps you make the right decisions.


“I hadn’t pruned, but when I received the bulletin, as it said there would be rain, the weather was going to change, I knew I had to maintain the management of pruning, surplus and harvesting of damaged pods”. In addition, Gaspar is taking advantage of the workshops that the project provides. “Every day we have to see what arises and be able to counteract it in that moment.”


Improving the crops means an improvement for the whole family: “If today I am producing 5 to 6 quintals of cocoa, I will be able to produce 10 to 12 quintals per block”.


The Proyecto Adapta is based on science and experience, and Gaspar knows that through the exchange of knowledge and experiences between producers, all of Nicaragua is benefiting.


“An individual without any advice finds it difficult to move forward and have a successful harvest. But together, it can be done”.

Gaspar Mairena: solo no se puede


Together we generate knowledge and prospects for the future.