Diómedes López: A benefit for all of Nicaragua

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Diómedes has been able to reconvert all his uncultivated land into a large cocoa plantation that today provides him with a harvest of more than 15 quintals. He lives in the Community of El Diamante, el Tuma, in the Department of Matagalpa. He has been growing cocoa for 10 years now and understands perfectly how climate change can ruin a harvest.
He has been part of the Proyecto Adapta for more than a year and, like all the producers in the project, receives the weather bulletins that give him the information he needs to manage his crops correctly.


“The Project is providing us with a lot of important information about climate change. Now we can see if there is going to be rain and if we can plant. Now we can easily become informed to make decisions.”


In addition, Diómedes appreciates the field schools where he learns how to cultivate cocoa. “We have been receiving instructions on genetic improvement, pruning, shading…”



Diómedes López: un beneficio para toda Nicaragua
For Diómedes, improving his crops is improving his future.


“We have improved the economic side. Now the kids can study in better schools, maybe go to a high school or college and maybe go to university. Because for us, Proyecto Adapta is cocoa, honey, the future… for all of Nicaragua and beyond.”


Together we generate knowledge and prospects for the future.


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