Cruz Martín: Run out of nectar

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Cruz Martin wants to know what’s going on with the weather. For him it is fundamental to know when the flowering will take place, when he must move his hives…

“If we know what is happening we can anticipate further ahead and do things better”.


In the last few years honey production had dropped a lot for Cruz; although the flowers were there, there was not enough nectar for the bees to produce honey. Now the shift of his hives to humid areas has become an obligation for him.


Climate change is putting the production of many beekeepers in Nicaragua at risk. Flowering times and seasons have changed. Now producers need new tools to know what is happening and adapt. That’s why Cruz is one of the observer beekeepers. He lives in the community of El Carbonal and owns one of the Proyecto Adapta’s weather stations near his apiary.


“I would recommend that other producers analyse climate change and learn, it’s something that will benefit us all as a community.”


Nicaragua is the fourth country most affected by climate change, and producers are suffering the most. With the Adapta Project we generate knowledge and vision for the future. During the 4-year duration of the Adapta Project, we will revolutionise the agriculture and beekeeping sector.


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