Fernando José Picado: I´ve seen the results in my hives and income

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Fernando José Picado: he visto los resultados


Fernando José does not hesitate to recommend all beekeepers and producers in Nicaragua to join
the Proyecto Adapta. “I trust the Project because I have seen the results in my own hives and in my income. With better incomes we will be able to improve the living conditions of our family and our homes”.


Fernando José is a beekeeper in the municipality of El Cua, in the Department of Jinotega.
“I have received training on certification, bee management and climate shifts. Now we know if
heavy rains come to prepare the hives or if there is going to be a good sunny season”. 
For him, the training and scientific and sustainable information provided by the Proyecto Adapta is
one of the greatest benefits of being part of the Project.


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