Greater production, but above all greater quality

Greater production, but above all greater quality

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The producers taking part in the Adapta Project belong to the network of the Nicaraguan company of Danish origin, Ingemann, the driving organisation behind this project. The finished product of the company is epitomised, without doubt, in the high quality chocolates it produces, which have won multiple medals.


From time to time, producers have difficulty getting their product onto the market and achieving its actual value. Within the Adapt Project, we do not simply want participating producers to be able to increase their harvests through adaptation to climate change, but also to ensure that their products are of a high quality and make a good market entry.


In order to make this happen, within the structure of the Adapt Project, we have participated in two international cacao fairs: The Chocolate Show in London and the Salon du Chocolat in Paris. These are two fairs with international recognition which have enabled us to show chocolate producers the fantastic work our producers carry out and the end quality of their products.


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