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Launch of the Adapt Project

29th September 2017





On the 29th September the Adapt Project was officially launched: “Building Climate Resilience in the quality Cacao and Honey sectors”. This project was started with the objective of adapting to climate change for small and medium cacao and honey producers in Nicaragua. Its strength is based on the combination of meticulous and localised climate research with analysis of its impact on cacao and honey.


The 4 year project is driven by the Nicaraguan company of Danish origin, Ingemann with the Non Governmental Organisation The Alexander von Humboldt Centre of Nicaragua, and the international organisation, Christian Aid, and is financed by the Inter American Development Bank.


The aim is to collect quality scientific information which allows us to know how the climate is changing in the chosen project zones (Matagalpa, Jinotega and Nueva Segovia), how it specifically affects cacao and honey, and what action the producers can take in order to adapt to the changes.


Sr. Lars Saquero Moller from Ingemann


At the end of the project, it is hoped that 1000 producers will have the knowledge and tools to analyse the way in which the climate is changing, and what action can be carried out in order for their production to increase and to maintain its high quality.


In order for this to happen, 20 Observing Producers, using weather stations installed on their farms by the Adapt Project, will collect daily climate data and the response of the cacao or honey to the changes. They will receive continuous information about the weather forecast, advice about what to do with their own crops, and various forms of training on business and administration models. This is a project with a 360⁰ view which will certainly transform the agricultural and beekeeping sectors in Nicaragua and beyond.


To launch the Adapta Project we had a big party in the Ingemann Fine Cocoa Plant in Managua. public administration representatives, cacao producing associations, women’s organisations, various financing organisations, and, without doubt, many of the participating key producers enjoyed a day together.


There was a tour of the Ingemann production plant, there were various talks on the impact of climate change, the challenges of the agricultural and beekeeping market in Nicaragua, and a presentation was given about the aims of the Adapta Project.


The day was enlivened with a traditional and delicious lunch, and accompanied by live music. It culminated in a speech from a representative of General Alvaro Baltodano and a toast.


We have 4 years of hopeful anticipation, work and effort in order to revolutionise honey and cacao production in Nicaragua, responding to climate change and leading producers towards increased production and higher quality produce.